Smart Phone Apps

smart phone apps
What is verizons most fast and reliable smart phone for apps and web browsing?

Also if you know of any could you tell me the names of any phones comming out this summer for verizon. thanks 🙂

Well the best right now is the HTC Droid Incredible. IT has Android, 8MP Camera, 1ghz snapdragon processor, 3.7″ screen, and a whole bunch of nerdy tech specs. But I think it’s the best right now. Actually i don’t think it is…It is.

The LG Ally is the Iron Man 2 phone. It’s pretty nice, Just like the Incredible but with a keyboard. It also has android, but doesn’t have HTC Sense like the Incredible.

Also there should be a Blackberry Storm3.

Also Verzion said they’re coming out with 3-5 LTE 4G phones by May 2011. But you can’t wait that long and I feel like Verizon may not be able to deliver on their promise. They’re trying to steal the thunder from Sprint since their first 4G phone comes out in 2 weeks.

FSU researchers work to help mobile devices keep going and going…
So, your smart phone lets you play music, send text messages, check e-mail, surf the Web, access apps and play games, but somehow it’s not quite smart enough to keep from running out of juice when you actually need to make a phone call.

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