Smart Phone As Modem

smart phone as modem
smart phone as modem
Installing a mobile as a modem in ubuntu?

I have a Sony Ericsson M600i with GPRS. I also have Linux Ubuntu 8.04 and Linux Mint installed. I want to use my smart phone as a modem. But how? Please suggest. Note: I have just started using Linux.

Remember to put “sudo” before every command that requires root permissions.

Also, in Mint KDE, replace “gedit” by “kate”. gedit is for Gnome desktop (ubuntu). KDE usually has kate.

Scary conspiracy theory for the paranoid gamer
Ever read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four? Ever suspected your bathroom mirror is a videocamera feeding your actions to the government? Ever switched off your phone to stop ‘them’ tracking your location? Then this article is for you.

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