Smart Phone Battery Life

smart phone battery life
How long does the battery last in your smart phone?

Please answer if only you own a smart phone. Also, what are some things you have done to improve your battery life?

mine lasts for 4 days. here as some ways to improve:

1…..Turn off all off all unnecessary sounds (keytones, alerts).
2…..Use either a ringer or vibrate, but not both
3…..Decrease your screen’s brightness to 50%.
4…..Turn your backlight setting down.
5…..Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.
6…..Close applications when you’re not using them.
7……Keep your phone in cool climates.
8….When you’re phone is done charging, unplug it!
9…..Don’t let your battery fully discharge.
10….Don’t do anything fun on your phone.

i hope i helped!!

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