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smart phone brands
Sprint phone question?

I bought a very nice and brand new cell phone from a relative … It is one of those beautiful phones, called "Smart Phone", I think … But, It is actually very hard on the text .. Is there anyway that I go to Sprint and value in the trade in my phone for something similar? Thanks:)

It depends on whether your name is on the phone and plan how long you've been had the plan. If need it with in 30 days after purchase of the mobile phone You can go and exchange it. I use Sprint as my first phone with them I had 15 days to exchange them, but I upgraded recently and I have 30 Days to the new exchange. If in your family name yet, then that person must go in and exchange it if it is still within the time frame they gave them the time of purchase (15-30 days). Otherwise, you need to buy a new phone. Well, if it is not in your name and you want a different phone, and they can not exchange You can go in and a phone with one of their actions and they have a few that are fairly cheap or even free after mail-in rebate. If you can not replace it and when Purchase of a new, sometimes they will buy back the "old" phone and a credit to your account. I hope this helps! 🙂

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