Smart Phone Buying Guide

smart phone buying guide
ok, so I just bought a blackberry pearl and to me, the user guide sucks! i need help!?

I have had several Cell Phones before this one. all were fairly self-explanatory. I don’t need to do any emailing from it, just calls, text, and other stuff. when i transferred my contacts over, it switched a bunch of the names around in the phone book. the user guide is terrible for this thing. i need shortcuts to things like text messages and my phone book. when the user guide tells you how to do something, it assumes you’re already in the application, when I may not even know how to get into it. i know it’s a “smart phone” but i never thought it’d be smarter than me. 🙂
i know that i didn’t need it now, but i will soon. that’s why i got one. that doesn’t excuse the crappy user guide. it leaves out explanations of simple things.

yes the user guide sucks…i didnt even have it for the first week i had the phone and founf everything online or on the phone….
1. why do u need a blackberry if you dont NEED a blackberry?
2. the contacts cant be sorted by first name, last name or company. in address book, hit menu, options, sort by. that might be why u are seeing them differently.
3. depending on the theme you have set, you can organize your applications. options>theme and options> organize apps. also options screen/keyboard to set left/right convenience keys to whatever you want.
4. menu>help help too!

hope this helps

Smartphone Buyer’s Guide

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