Smart Phone Card

smart phone card
smart phone card
How do you REMOVE the smart chip (sim card) from a Sony Ericsson W300i cell phone?

I need to put it in the old phone so I can e-mail some pictures off of it. I can’t figure out how to get the card out without use of tools or something that could damage the phone. The user guide only shows you how to INSERT the card.
How do you grab on to the thing — the bottom end is under the frame of the phone, the middle goes through two little metal slides. Trying to “slide” it out, it doesn’t budge. Seems like it needs to be pryed out or grabbed with a tweezer, but I’m afraid to do that for fear it will damage the phone.

It is easy. Just pull it out. Be careful.
If you need more help ask on Mobile2Mobile.

Touch FLO Smart Phone (BST-P MY08 ) Not HiPhone Sciphone

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