Smart Phone Cards List

Smart Phone Cards list
Hey can anybody tell me like in full detail what exactly these things mean?? (for a phone im going to buy)?

i need to know in as much detail u can tell me what these things mean, if u could please tell me!!!

the phone is a razr v3xx

1.3 MP camera with 8x zoom

AT&T Music Folder with MP3 player

Video recording, playback and streaming

AT&T Music, Music ID and streaming radio capable

Cellular Video – Get news, sports & more

Stereo Bluetooth® capable with next generation A2DP

High speed data access via the Cingular 3G network

Instant messaging – AOL®, Yahoo!®, & Windows Live Messenger®

Picture and Video Messaging – Send photos, video and more

Download Music Tone ringtones, graphics, and games

Create your own music playlists and smart playlists

Removable memory capacity for MicroSD(TM) Card

Advanced speech recognition

Mobile email capabilities

Opera web browser



*1.3 megapixel camera: This is the average quality camera nowadays. Below it would be VGA and above it would be 2.0+ megapixel (there are a few 3.0 but these are rare, even 2.0 is still new).
*8x zoom: simply means that you can zoom-in in picture mode up to 8 times.
*At&t music folder, AT&T Music, Music ID: are exclusive online features for cingular. Basically it lets you download songs from AT&T database of music.
*Video recording, playback and streaming: you can take videos with the camera.
*A2DP Stereo Bluetooth: you can listen to your music via bluetooth (wireless technology that lets you transfer information like music)
*High speed data access via the Cingular 3G network: Fastest type of internet connection called EV-DO. Basically there’s 1G-3G
*Instant messaging – AOL®, Yahoo!®, & Windows Live Messenger® : Services available to you through the internet connection.
*Removable memory capacity for MicroSD(TM) Card: lets you store memory (music, pictures, videos) on a memory card that you can take out of the phone and view/move on a PC. Serves as additional memory.
*Advanced speech recognition : lets you give commands to your phone. For example you may say “Call Alex” and your phone will call them without pushing buttons.
*Opera web browser: The software that allows you to download songs directly to phone.
*The rest I think is self explanitary, but if not you may e-mail me.
Overall this is a good phone. Pros: the 3G technology is really good, if you are goint to use the internet (cingular will bill you seperately for this). The mp3 player capability with bluetooth headset ability is also good. Cons: For being such a good phone, I don’t know why they didn’t include 2.0 megapixel camera. That would have topped it off. Also, the Razor model is kind of outdated (the physical aspect of it, not what’s inside). There’s a new model called the KRZR which has more smoother edges. How much are you getting it for?

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