Smart Phone Cards Support

Smart Phone Cards support
Upgrade Sprint without contract?

I am currently month to month on a $30 plan with a phone that does not support data. However, the plan has unlimited data and texting. I am grandfathered in.

I was looking at phones on and a lot of the smart phones say it requires a new 1-2 year contract of at least $39.99. Does this mean I would lose my plan if I upgrade phones?

Also, if I outright bought a no-contract phone from ebay, say a Samsung Moment, could I activate that phone to my current month to month, completely bypassing Sprint and not having to renew a 2 year subscription, so I don’t lose my good plan?

Finally, old Motorola phones would let you swap the sim card to easily change between phones. I don’t think the Moment has a sim card so how would that process work?
I understand Sprint phones do not have Sim cards. However, being a Nextel Subscriber (now sprint), my phone does.

So there is no way to buy a phone elsewhere than directly from Sprint and add it to my plan?

Sprint phones do not have SIM cards.

And yes by activating the phone you renew a 2 year contract.

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