Smart Phone Cases

smart phone cases
in the market for a smart phone??

ok Im looking to buy a smart phone, looking between the palm treo 700p and 650. Other suggestions would be good too. My main concern is what are some of the costs that go along with owning a smartphone. How much is the phone itself with a case and memory card? Do i need some kind of card for the interent, how much is the internet per month with Verizon? So basically im looking for all the additional costs that come along with buying any of the smart phones, and which have been working the best these days.

Hi my name is James I work verizon. I personal have the treo 700w. If I would recommend a phone the 6700 @ only 299 has the most to offer of any phone on the market that we offer. If you want a palm based only product the 700p is a great phone high res on the screen fast processing with evdo. the phone is 399 a bluetooth bundle would be the best option at 79.99 you get the case car charger and bluetooth headset. the unlim data is 44.99 a month. if you have any other questions feel free to call me 513-289-3217 and I would be glad to answer any questions

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