Smart Phone Comparison

smart phone comparison
Which girl should I ask out?

Alright I like 2 girls here’s the comparison
I’m using numbers so u kno who I’m talkin bout no offence to girls using them as numbers
girl 1. Phone, facebook different group of teachers in my school we call them teams. She has braces little turn off more cool friends more social
girl 2. Little smarter, prettier but doesn’t care about appearance as much as girl 1. No phone no facebook, less cool friends not as social in same team we have 1 class idk if thts a good thing or not and worst of all her friends don’t really like me as much as girl 1
I like both the same amount but I want other peoples opinions and I’m in 7th going into 8th grade soon

girl one

Nokia 3210 vs. Apple iPhone 3GS – Omio’s Retro Phone Comparison!

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