Smart Phone Costs

smart phone costs
can i upgrade my sprint phone without paying a ridiculous price?

I know ebay is an option, but I would like to upgrade my phone to the lg rumor touch. I know its not the greatest phone but i wanted to upgrade without paying the smart phone cost and get data on my plan. Also, if i get the data plan would i get an upgrade price. I was just wondering if there’s ways around this at all because by the time people are done bidding on ebay its about $. Thanks

They haven’t been bringing that junk up any more.

But they have screwed up everything on our new contract. They screwed up the order, they screwed up the pricing, they screwed up the plan.. they screwed up everything.

I am so upset, I just want to leave.

We have the LG Rumor Touch and the Samsung Seek.. the Samsung Seek is messing up so it won’t activate. They lied alot to us over the phone. The Seek is missing junk they said it would have, the Rumor Touch is missing stuff the site and box says it will have ( if you go into the store). So we got a different version of the Rumor Touch by Phone then we would have gotten inside the store.

The Seek has a better screen and some Apps that they Rumor is missing. I can’t hook up to any Instant Message services. I’ve sent a couple messages and my friend said they were labled Picture Messages but there aren’t any pictures or attachments.

So tires of dealing with Sprint right now. If you don’t have a Family Plan, look at Virgin Mobile. We are thinking of dropping our contract ( with the 30 day thing) and getting phones from Virgin. They have Unlimited Data, IM, Text, Web starting at 25 dollars but the Rumor Touch is only one color and 150 online. Just for your consideration.

If you are on a 2 year contract with Sprint at 1 year you’ll get discounts to get a new phone.

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