Smart Phone Data Plan

smart phone data plan
Can you cancel a verizon wireless data plan for a smart phone?

I am planning on getting the HTC DROID ERIS from verizon but i dont want the data plan but cannot get the phone without it so can i get the phone then cancel the data plan

data plan…., the HTC Eris does require the data plan obviously as stated several times over, The reason for this data plan is due to the fact that it is considered a “smartphone/pda” device…its just like purchasing a blackberry device and not wanting to get email/internet on the phone as well. .., Even if you purchased the phone outright at retail price of a couple hundred dollars, if you called Verizon to activate the phone, Any verizon representative would be unable to remove the data plan or make sure it’s not applied accordingly, you need to remember that when your calling verizon, your calling a representative at a call center and not the IT Professional that setup the system to require or not require data plans on the phones, your simply calling the middle man who has their hands tied as to wanting to remove the data plan for customers who dont use them or need them necessarily, but the reason the phones require data plans are because they are designed to acess the internet and some phones simply wont work without the internet, such as the “palm OS” and even the Droid phones as well because you need to setup a Gmail account, not sure if that is mandatory to setup the email but deffinately the palm OS. The data plans are required with no matter what service provider you go with and Verizon has the largest 3G network,


AT&T’s new Smart Phone Data Plans
Starting Monday, AT&T Inc. is phasing out its offering of unlimited wireless data for $30 per month. If you’re a current customer you can keep that plan. If you’re a new one you need to pick one of two new plans:

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