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smart phone excel
smart phone excel
BlackBerry ® Curve 8310 Titanium or Black Jack II?

I look forward to a new phone to get. I had a bead on T-Mobile and the network was so terrible I had to return to it easily. I also have the fact that each letter has no private key hated. I am now looking for mobile at the AT & T network. I am a student, under the Biotechnology / Genetics. I also have to work and would like to track my schedule, classes, lessons, keep can open applications (like Word, Excel, etc. ..). I'm always talking, and my cell Sometimes when I play on the board. Most of the smartphones on the AT & T network are ok, but I want something I can get the most I do. I want as many additional features as possible and something Sleek (but of course performance is what counts). Thank you

I LOVE MY turn! I enjoyed talking on the curve on the Black Jack the weight, shape and style. the buttons on the curve are easier used if you have to nails. I could go on and on for days, but really my advice when picking a phone is to check out for the techie Ratings. The curve got a 8.3 and the blackjack 2 got a 7.7, he has really helped me choose the curve on the Pearl, that I thought was sooo cute. Glad that I this site!

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