Smart Phone For Verizon

smart phone for verizon
What is the best Verizon phone?

I am my upgrade soon for, and I am starting the research. I am Ozone view of the HTC and BlackBerry Curve. I HATE touch screens with a passion. So, please do not hit anything with a. Please add any website you have to back up your argument. Thank you! I HATE touchscreens. I'm not going to buy a phone with one. Period.

Much of the Verizon phones have touch screens now, like the Motorola Droid, Pro HTC Touch2. If you do not makes a touch screen with a full keyboard, woukld then I get this. But many have not Phoen touch screens, such as: Blackberry Curve, the ozone, the BlackBerry Tour. Those are really the only ones without touch-screens. Many phones have touch screens now a day. Some phones with touch screens and keyboards are: Moto Droid, HTC Touch Pro2, Palm Pixi Plus, Palm Pre Plus. Im sorry if I suggest phones with touch screens, but many phones they have now.

Microsoft’s New Smart Phone

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