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What kind of phone should I?

I need a telephone, the reliable, easy to text with one, has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, and preferably a browser which does not "Time Out". I am active on several forums, and when I type a long message, its extremely annoying when an error message appears and says "Page Expired" or "Page has expired out" when my message is that really the length of time the post. And then I scroll down to try posting it again only to find that my whole message is gone, and that I have to start completely from scratch! So I really want a phone that this does not. So it gives me, as long as I have to enter to take my message, without having to worry about it too long and with "Time Out". I am with Verizon and I can not afford a smartphone. Anyone know of a phone that has all? I need to get the phone before I weeks at Summer Camp in just under 2 No silly response please. Thanks.

well whtever you DONT GET THE SAMSUNG intensity! I had it for six months, barley, when I decided it was time for a NE one. `Like the keyboard outand it stands was terrible. if ur like me and would kind of hard on BWL I look at the reality of Samsung and LG choclate they do not touch need $ 10 data plan, but they are cheaper thansmart BWL, so I think ull fine:) in geetting a new fone and soon to be Thoses seems the best, and both seem preety durable, if u text a lot I would suggest the reality as it nlike pull out a QWERTY keyboard, the chocolate, which has just on the screen, has a one hope I helped:)

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