Smart Phone Gps Tracking

Smart Phone Gps tracking
Cell Phone tracking device?

Does anyone know of a cell phone company that has GPS devices to locate the phone, without notifiying the user that they are being tracked? For instance, tracking a teen that is not where they are suppose to be. If they KNOW they are being tracked they get smart on how to get around it, thus making the service useless. So far the three I have found send a text to the tracked phone to let them know it’s being tracked.

I don’t know of a cell phone GPS tracking device that doesn’t tell the person they are being tracked but if you are an overly concerned parent you might find this article and device interesting.

Tech to keep you safe during hurricane season
Growing numbers of cell phone apps allow users to track storms, view real-time satellite images One of the smartest things Cell Phones can do for Florida consumers is help keep them informed, prepared and safe during hurricane season. Fortunately, there is a growing number of Smart Phone Apps – along with storm-related Web sites – that do just that.

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