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smart phone holders
smart phone holders
I need to find a missing person was Idaho, which has known to live in Eagle. Where to begin?

My cousin, Johnny Glenn Holder, age 39 is missing. He has always been a stray, but he calls home once or twice a year. We no longer belongs to him more than two years. We do not know much about him. He wanted let us know that he married a girl a few years back in Eagle, Idaho, but we do not believe that they are no longer together. We do not know her name. He is a certified diesel mechanic and has been known to do many things like the working oil sources, shrimp boats, mines, etc … It is possible that something in his prison sits or sick or not, and can call home because my uncle has a collect call block on his cell phone. He is originally from Louisiana. Any information would be very estimated. Please do not leave any smart remarks disingenuous just to get points …. this is really a serious question

If I were you , I would start in EAGLE, they probably took on his last name, and there should be some kind of trace of him somewhere if he be married. Have you tried the police or hospitals and prisons there? I do not know what the morgue person sent in, I do not click, but I see the word murder to him, I hope no shit joke. Anyway you could post something on Craig's list out there, or run an ad in its weekly News Mag His wife (ex) would probably be the best source. If you can keep one of his social sec #, you may be able to track him down. I hope you find it.

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