Smart Phone Industry Growth

Smart Phone Industry growth
smart phone industry growth

Smart phone was a turning point in the cell phone manufacturer

The very important reason that RIM and Apple can improve sales rankings in the global handset market is the smart phones such as BlackBerry and iPhone have become increasingly common.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics reports that in the first quarter, the net global Smartphone shipments grew from 54 million and 50% over the same quarter last year 35.9 million. Currently smartphones shipped for 18% of the total global mobile phone shipments accounted for. The British market research company Research Consulting Coda expected to reach the global smartphone sales to 2.5 billions of 2010 and 2015. Smart Phone Sales growth is primarily on the phone, a wide range of services to support and have more applications. Steve Smith, the founder of the company, said: "If it is not Smartphone is able to provide a higher level than standard integration technology cell Phone, we do not see this growth in smartphone sales levels. "

It is reported that Apple's mobile software applications, "Store App Store "announced at the beginning of 2010, there may be more than 100,000 types of applications, for the world in 77 countries and regions, and users to download more than 3 Billion times downloaded. This is precisely the reason for Apple's success.

Unlike Apple's iPhone, BlackBerry success is attributed to four factors: focus on their strengths, customer, business model and the concept of the industrial chain.

Unlike the old cell phone manufacturer Motorola, iSuppli Recent data from the first quarter of 2007showed, the company is the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer by Nokia and has now dropped to eighth in the world. The industry thought that the main problems, the products interruption of the company.

Fortunately, Motorola begun to change. Tina Teng, iSuppli senior analyst with the mobile communications, said: "His profit margin increased by 19 percentage points in the first quarter a year earlier. This shows Motorola to focus on more profitable products such as the Droid chosen so the right way. "

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