Smart Phone Industry

smart phone industry
AT & T Pantech Duo sucks, but why is it up brass?

So, I had a Blackjack (the first) made by Samsung for well-known is a good brand phones …. It is never to upset me so far, but I felt like I could get a new phone. Over five days, I bought a Pantech Duo. Well today all of a sudden, when I remove the battery or turn the unit off, it is never right again. I will never again buy a product from a brand that POS has no name in the industry back …. Im gonna use my 30 days guarantee and return this … I really need to know this but … I'm gonna wait, about two months and keep only for my Blackjack now …. But, Tmobile, and Verizon qwerty much cool phones like the Sidekick (they all have style), but are not smart phones, etc. … Why the hell AT & T is not no phones like that? All qwerty phones for AT & T Smartphones adults pay! What is it? when there are no phones for AT & T gonna like be the Sidekick, because I love and SMS on mobile phones with target ….

Get a Black Jack II

Smartphone Industry Market Analysis Q1 2010

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