Smart Phone Internet Access

Smart Phone Internet access
Which Nokia mobile phone / ipod / smartphone you use Internet access?

Is it WAP enabled? Can we open every single page? Can we download The Word and Excel files? Can we these files? Can we transfer the files to our PC? Is the screen big enough? If they have a camera?

I got a Nokia N70. It can access most sites no problem, I have used it to check on Emergencies large pages. It comes with Quickword, Quicksheet and Quick Point. You can monitor the transfer of files using the USB cable or Bluetooth (easier) It is small enough – 176×208 It has a 2 megapixel camera. This phone is quite old now, it issues later, but it is sturdy and I like it. The cover of the camera make the camera less obtrusive.

Settings up your Touch SmartPhone Internet

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