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Smart Phone Internet security
smart phone internet security
Can’t connect Xbox 360 to Xbox Live?

I’ve tried last night and it wouldn’t work.
I called support but all they told me to do is to Restart my modem, but it’s the kind where its in the wall. A system called On-Q Home. My internet and intercom system runs on that system.
My router, ethernet cable, and modem (pluging the cable directly into the internet/phone-jack-looking-outlet in the wall) work perfectly but xbox still says “network adaptor: disconnected.” Support also says there could be a security block that my xbox can’t go thru.

Can you help?
1. in the systems area of the xbox dashboard > network settings, I tried to manually put in ISP addresses. It’s set to automatic but it reads maybe it’s cuz I’m not hooked to the internet yet
2. What else do you think is the problem? Any of you computer whizes have any suggestions to give to a person who is mildly smart with computers?

Well, you have to have some way to reset your “modem”. Resetting that resolves MANY of these Xbox problems. Call you phone company (or whoever serves your broadband) and ask them if there is any way you can reset the modem via your software on your computer. Also, there might be a reset button in or outside your house (I don’t know since I have never heard of a setup like this). Ask your phone company if you can reset the modem in those two ways. If not, they might be able to reset it through their offices. Anyway, if you get the modem reset, then there is a good chance that the connection will work. Chances are that you will keep the IP settings on “auto”, so don’t touch those settings at this time.

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