Smart Phone Market Share 2009

Smart Phone Market Share 2009

Apples Iphone4 breaks record! Can it dominate the smartphone market?

The recent launch of iphone4 stormed the smartphone market. So much was the effect that Apple Inc. said it took advance orders for more than 600,000 new iPhones worldwide on the first day the device was available, a deluge of demand that Difficulties in processing orders for U.S. carrier AT & T Inc. caused

Apple said the pre-orders were ever made by the company in a single day, and 10 times higher than for the iPhone 3G last year.

AT & T had previously suspended pre-orders of Apple's iPhone 4 after the telephone giant was not to be recorded Demand for the product around, and the latest is that it sold more than 1.7 million iPhone 4s started within the first three days of the phone

Analysts expect were the new model to help Apple sell 36 million iPhones in the year ending September, up about 73% of 20.8 million euros a year earlier.

Do you think Apple still has a long way to dominate the smartphone market or going to become the leader? Take a look at these statistics.

Since the start Three years ago, the Apple iPhone is the biggest company, more than 40% of its revenue. According to research firm IDC, Apple is currently the third largest Smartphone maker in the world with a market share of 16.1% share behind market leader Nokia and Research In Motion (BlackBerry).

Apple increased the iPhone shipments a whopping 131.6% from Q1 2009 to the most recent period Q1 2010 (3800000-8800000). Compare that with an average growth of the sector by 56.7% YoY in programs Smart phones and you start to an idea about the growing influence of the iPhone in the smartphone market.

The answer is that the recent iphone4 in the market and the speed with which it grows, and has received with impressive sales figures, iPhone growth rate of 131.6% YoY in relation to shipments of smart phones is much higher compared to the industry average of 56.7%, all these factors indicates that Apple is on its way to dominate in the smart phone market. Although Nokia is in a comfortable position today with a market share of 39.3%, there is a potential threat from the iPhone, and it represents a direct threat to RIM (Blackberry), which has a market share of 19.4% has, considering the amazing growth of Apple's iPhone, it is likely ahead of BlackBerry zoom in relative terms very soon.

Well, it is to be interesting to see what strategy RIM and Nokia would assume their positions when their iPhones to Apple competitors enter the market and continue to defend to sell like hot cakes.

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