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Smart Phone Market Share data
smart phone market share data

Intel, Qualcomm address both the impact of the mobile phone market is to continue low-key little knot stalemate

Intel, Qualcomm address both the impact of the mobile phone market is to continue low-key little knot stalemate

Qualcomm and Intel’s contest, if you still use Anchaoyongdong to describe Apple A1185 Battery last year, then this year, they have begun to enter the stalemate stage

Ago, Qualcomm has also from time to time to expose the year Intel will exit the mobile phone market, “scars”, but just today, a move that rival Qualcomm worldwide marketing and investor relations, senior vice president Bill @ Davidson has begun to face competition rival’s behavior. In his eyes, Intel in the mobile phone market have the opportunity to succeed, but as the chip maker Qualcomm, will not change the style, as always, will continue to stand behind the partnership.

To have long, short attack sub

Earlier this month, Intel released for smartphones and Tablet PC market, second-generation Atom processor, the standby power consumption reduced by 50 times, and standby time of up to 10 days, and to support 1080P full HD video, 3D graphics, multi-point video conferencing and audio functions.

In addition to improvement in technology, Intel partners range from traditional PC makers out into the mobile phone maker, Nokia, LG has established partnerships with Intel is behind the industry chain and the old partners Dell, Acer, etc. have also coveted on the mobile phone market long.

For Intel, aggressive demeanor, Bill @ Davidson believes that it is not surprising, because the mobile phone market is Intel’s coveted market. The face of rival Qualcomm, best thing to do is to play their expertise.

Bill @ Davidson reveals no kind of pain Intel: “Qualcomm chips advantages include power control and high integration, in particular, we integrate the chip inside the modem, while Intel is still not integrated into the chips go to the modem. “

Accumulated over the years in the wireless field, so that Qualcomm has a large team Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery of engineers, the best engineers have years of experience in this field, which in the long term would be the advantage of Qualcomm.

In addition, Qualcomm and the handset makers and operators have a good relationship, good partnerships and the depth of understanding of each other’s products need a lot of years to run, which is competing in a short time can not be compared .

PC lap challenge the unspoken rules

Qualcomm mobile ecosystem in the position where it is not able and Intel, but Intel’s stronghold in the – PC ecosystem, but also have different “hidden rules.”

Over the years, each PC vendor market activity, whether advertising or public relations, there is always a clear silhouette, that is Intel, Intel can do that realm, it is important to Intel is not a low-key company, and cooperation with partners are generous.

However, Qualcomm different.

The success of many mobile phone manufacturers, with Qualcomm technology licensing not unrelated, but did not stop Qualcomm from the front of these cell phone makers, with Bill @ Davidson’s words, “We are low key.” This low-key and the PC ecosystem in the high-profile stands in stark contrast.

When CNET reporter asked, “Do you want to continue to maintain high pass such a low-key posture”, Bill @ Daier Sen admits that this is his every day ask yourself the question, sometimes, he even asked myself five times a day.

QUALCOMM has its own difficulties: “be generous in marketing always need someone to foot the bill into Qualcomm’s business model, our marketing strategy decisions, which makes the cost of Qualcomm chips in the product accounts for less than significant other chip manufacturers accounted for in the proportion of PC. “

Qualcomm also has its own self-confidence: “When is the unknown number of new products, particularly the birth of the leading technology, of course, need to do some promotion for example, do we promote the Snapdragon and now this technology has been widely recognized as the market knowledge, but also in the industry such as high-pass concept to promote smart this time have also been some effort. Qualcomm will have a choice of the project to do some marketing, and now Qualcomm did not see it necessary. because every time a unique product or technology appears, spending a little more knowledge can do a very good effect. “

Therefore, Qualcomm did not want to play their own brand in front of the customer, but would rather do stand behind the unsung heroes. Qualcomm does not own the brand to do more business oriented, and do not spend a lot of money to promote their brand. More and more consumers buy high-pass customer product, Qualcomm will meet.

April 12, HP announced the completion of the total value of the 3Com Corporation 2.7 HP pavilion dv9000 Battery billion acquisition. HP said that the terms of the transaction has been both HP and 3Com Corporation Board of Directors approval. 3Com wholly owned subsidiary in China, China 3 Communications (H3C) also will be incorporated into HP system.

14, HP announced that former Hewlett-Packard China, Foo Piau Phang promoted to Senior Vice President and president of Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan, took over the Asia-Pacific and Japan region. Foo continue to serve as president of HP China, until China Hewlett-Packard to find a new candidate for president.

15 pm, the trade rumors started to flow on the Internet: “the former president of Qualcomm Greater China, Meng will become president of Motorola China, Ruey-Bin Kao, president of Motorola China, the incumbent will serve as president of HP China, report to the Foo.”

In response, HP China, said spokesman Shen excited: “I have not heard any such news.” While Chen Lei, director of Motorola China public relations, said: “Motorola does not comment on such rumors Yi Gai.” China’s PR director Hou Mingjuan Qualcomm said: “The total for Bangladesh to seek new career opportunities from high-pass, for his future direction, Qualcomm did not know.”

Interesting things seem, but if rumors true that this is definitely one on PC, mobile phone and chip industry, ICT Industry Division earthquakes. The last time such a thing was similar in 2004, three major carriers number one rotation, Wang from China Unicom (600,050, stock it) went to China Mobile, Wang said China Mobile went from China Telecom, Chang Xiaobing electricity from China ( 600 795, share it) the letter went China Unicom (600050, stock it).

Meng quit for Motorola’s news and communications industry experts, Li Gang, said “In recent years, Motorola and Qualcomm Android mobile phone business in a very close co-operation, Meng quit Motorola seem to have ‘natural’. Meng separation After the phone had said it was not for me to rest, he said not to leave the communications industry, the next destination is also a major international companies, will be announced soon. “

It is worth noting, responsible for Motorola’s handset business Sanjay @ Jia (Sanjay Jha) is from the high-pass airborne. August 2008, when he was chief operating officer of Qualcomm’s Sanjay @ Jia airborne Motorola, as co-CEO and handset division of Motorola CEO. After taking office in Sanjay @ Jia, Motorola has introduced the Droid, Cliq and Backflip so well received Android phones using Qualcomm chips. Therefore view the two companies led to close co-operation may Meng joined Motorola.

Motorola rumored Meng quit in the same time, the industry also is rumored to Ruey Bin Kao, president of Motorola China, will switch to HP, as HP China president.

Motorola has been China’s ICT industry, “Whampoa Military Academy”, a recent well-known jump ship in November 2008, Microsoft announced the appointment of former Motorola senior vice president, Asia Pacific Simon Leung, president and chairman of China joined as senior vice president of Microsoft’s IBM ThinkPad T41 Battery global , Greater China chairman and CEO.

In this period, has a number of executives from Motorola Skip to other club. New post David Ho, president of Nokia China, he served as chairman of Nokia Siemens China, Tim Chen Microsoft after a first new post NBA China CEO, Greater China CEO of Philips tetrachloride to his new post, new post Karen Guo, AMD China president Yang Chao to his new post Dell’s consumer business in Greater China General Manager, Xiao-yang to his new post China’s mobile phone division, general manager of Samsung, LG Ren Weiguang his new post, general manager of China Mobile, as well as Conservative Demand dare Lu, Jin Chan, Ye friends ……

“If you can join Ruey Bin Kao, 3Com has just bought the HP, it is definitely a good thing.” A source close to Motorola China on Netease technology, “said Ruey Bin Kao, HP China, one more to both understand the China market, but also communications industry for many years experience in network and terminal operators at the helm, Ruey Bin Kao, is a very appropriate candidate for the. while it Ruey Bin Kao, HP China is definitely a new challenge, after all, he has been working with Motorola 17 years. “

There is no doubt that after the acquisition of 3Com, Hewlett-Packard as soon as possible to include PC and notebook computers, servers, routers, switches, data center and cloud computing business, including integration of multiple product lines.

And access to 3G in China after Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Asus and other old rivals are successively launched their own brand in China, mobile phones, Lenovo and Dell in particular with China Mobile also launched OPhone phone. For the long delay in entering the Dell Inspiron 8600 Battery Chinese mobile phone market HP, its mobile business in China certainly has been put on the agenda.

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