Smart Phone Market Share

smart phone market share
Are there any reports available of market share for Cell Phones / smart phones?

I am thinking of possibly starting a business that deals with mobile development. In preparation for this, I am trying to do some research on cell phone and smartphone market share / usage, but am having trouble finding any current reports that provide this data. Does anybody know where to acquire this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Finally, a non-homework question…And you’re the first potential new entrepreneur I’ve come across in the business & finance category in the entire month since I’ve joined. So I’m glad to help with these suggestions which I know answers your question of “where to acquire this?’

Be aware that worthwhile marketing info is never an easy at-your-fingertips thing for lazy people – otherwise, why do universities offer degrees in it? Companies have good reason to protect their valuable info – but at least it’s not hard to find if you put in time and use grey matter:
1) Sometimes I research for people in Yahoo Answers if I know it’s not going to take me more than 10mins. But your requirement needs lots of time on the internet searching for quality info from safe sites – which I’m not willing for 2 points – especially since I don’t live in America & don’t know all the companies. Have you tried looking at the web sites of all the phone companies present in the USA? I suppose not since you mention your trouble finding current reports, which leads to #2

2) The best way is to phone or email the Investor & Public Relations section of each company to get their most recent company report. Or, some are already in PDF on their web sites. Why, you ask? Because that’s the easiest way real marketing managers do a quick profile of market share. Look at gross sales related to the products you’re interested in, always checking the fine print or asterisks to ensure other products aren’t included. Then compare market share on $$ terms if you can’t find the number of handsets sold. Besides dollar terms mean more.

3) The other long way, longer than #1, is to go to a university’s library. Ask at the information or librarian’s desk. They usually have company reports and other published surveys from reputable market researchers.

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