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smart phone navigation
About Motorola ROKR E8 ?

thinking to buy the E8, read some reviews some says it’s slow operation. and glass surface is breakable, and the half circular navigation is some what too sensitive.. are these true?

I like the looks of this phone and i’m Not looking for high tech smart phone.. all i need to have mid-range price normal phone.

can anyone who knows about this phone give me some pros & cons for me to consider before i go for this phone.

You can also try this video review:
It’s very informative and for future phone advice, just look up the model name on Yahoo! and click on the CNET link.

Smart gadgets may one day anticipate our needs
Don’t be surprised if one day your refrigerator nags you to lose weight, your phone blocks calls it figures you’re too stressed to handle, and your wisecracking car entertains you with pun-filled one liners.

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