Smart Phone Notes

smart phone notes
smart phone notes
I just got the Samsung i616 (also known as the Samsung Jack) and I am confused about something…?

When I go into Applications then click on Office Mobile, three icons are displayed – Excel, Word, and Power Point. But when I click on any of these icons a list comes up with five other icons – my pictures, my sounds, my videos, notes, and templates. I don’t get it?? Do I not have these programs on my phone? Was it not supposed to come with them? Forgive me if this is a stupid question but this is my first ever smart phone and I was so excited to be able to compose Word documents on it!

u cant compose them, u just make them on ur pc and then veiw them on ur phone after u send it from ur pc to ur phone through a usb cable.

(i just read ur other question an came to see if i could help)

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