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smart phone numbers
Problems dialing phone numbers with letters on my Blackberry Pearl?

From what I can tell in Blackberry forums, you should be able to dial phone numbers w/ letters in them (ie 1-800-IDOLS-06) by just inputting the letters (using the ALT key) and the Blackberry will figure it out. Smart phone!

However, I don’t seem to be able to do this on my Pearl. For example, in the above number, I can’t type the “I”. If I push “Alt+3”, which corresponds with the U and I letters, however, it always types the U. If I push the 3 twice (which would work in multitap), I get “U3” displayed. Alt+3 twice gets “UU”.

Any tips on how to type those letters into the phone number? Please note I am not looking for advice on how to look up a regular keypad to find out the corresponding letters manually… I wouldn’t be posting for that.

It is not a speed problem — it does not matter how fast I double-tap, it still kicks out two characters rather than the second letter.

Takes a few tries and very fast thumbs, but it can be done!

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