Smart Phone Options

smart phone options
I want to buy a Symbian-based, U.S. UMTS/HSDPA, smart phone w/ Wi-Fi. Does it/ will it exist anytime soon?

I’m looking all over for a gsm smart phone that sports Wi-Fi and U.S. frequency (850/1900 MHz) UMTS or HSDPA. Those are musts. A full qwerty keypad is also high priority.

I am not in love with Windows Mobile OS, so Symbian became my preference, though I would consider any others. If the hardware is appealing enough, I’d go with WinMo 6.

I would also like a touch screen and bluetooth 2.0 in as small a profile as possible (of course). A camera is not necessary.

What are my options here? I know I-Mate is reportedly coming out with some feature-packed 2007 offerings (with WinMo OS) but did I miss any? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi John
I personaly do not know of any Symbian based phones made for the North American market thay meet your needs.
One Windows based phone you might want to research is the HTC 8525
Phone has everthing you require but it comes with WinMo 5 although I can’t see why you couln’t upgrade the O/S
Phone is quadband
Phone has Wi-Fi
Phone has Tri-band UMTS/HSDPA high speed wireless data network support (2100MHz and 850/1900 MHz) so you can use this phone on the North American and European 3g networks. I have the 8125 myself, phone is well built. Good luck with your search
Just saw the post on the E90 below, it’s a European model and does not have WCDMA 850/1900 so it will not work on the American 3g network. It only has WCDMA2100

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