Smart Phone Or Regular Phone

smart phone or regular phone
Will adding a smart phone cost a lot more?

Currently my parents have five people on our verizon bill. We have unlimited text and talk with regular phones, none of them are smart phones. How much more would it be each month if I upgraded and bought the Motorola Devour? And I’m willing to pay for the extra $30.00 dollars a month for the unlimited data usage. But is it really just $30.00 or is there extra. My parents do not want to deal with it because they had a bad experience with my sister’s old smart phone and said they had to pay almost twice as much with it on the plan.
To hotwheels- will all the phones have to have internet or just the one smartphone?

well from what i know about “smartphones” because i have an Iphone is that for the Iphone its required to have internet, on any other phone you have the option of getting internet or not. i think it goes the same way for the Smartphone for verizon. which would be 30 dollars that you HAVE to pay

edit: in our plan my dad and 2 brothers do not have iphones/smartphones and so they are not required to have the internet, both my mom and i DO have an iphone/smart phone and it is required. but if you do NOT have a smart phone you have the option to choose to have the internet or not. no matter what the plan is, you have your own plan within your family plan. you choose what you want with YOUR phone. (unless you get the smartphone/iphone….

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