Smart Phone Os Comparison

smart phone os comparison
smart phone os comparison

LG Projector Phone Smart takes to the next level

If a picture is worth a thousand words, LG's new mobile expo takes the cliche to a level never seen before. before in history such as mobile phones and video have become wiser and able to take and show pictures, The one advantage of the phone … small size and portability … was a disadvantage due to the small screen sizes.

The Expo this restriction projector to an available option, that nothing in the phone's built-in display can. PC Magazine is displayed on the projector can display requirements up to 120 "without Distortion, but the official specifications entitled to a conservative 40 "size. With an eight-foot viewing distance, which is still pretty impressive.

In addition, the Expo is a high functioning Windows Mobile OS phone with a 1 GHz processor and internal full touch-screen interface with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

While to the business applications to one presentation, website or graphics on the fly, showing everywhere seems surprising the true use is clearly going, such as video entertainment. The phone is an AT & T exclusive and went on sale online only 7th December. AT & T's web site currently lists as sold out.

At this point you can be your most important question, how much? A new activation gets the phone for $ 199 after rebate and two-year contract. The projector is an accessory that $ 179 is not currently available, but will be soon. $ 400 for a powerful business tool makes very much sense. $ 400 for a mobile theater probably not. We'll see how it turns out, know that

The other big question that has not been addressed, how long will the battery that the phone projector and modified? The phone is equipped with a revamped 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery. For comparison, my old instinct had a 1000 mAh battery and could go with one days hard Voice and data services to use before a recharge was necessary. The projector for the Expo runs the phone battery, though battery life use with a projector is not in any of my Precursors have been discussed. It seems the extra drain projector was incorporated into the battery design. For longer use, can the supplied power cord into a 110-outlet be used.

This latest LG mobile phone is certainly among the "smart phone" concept to a new level. For more information, you can view all data from official LG website.

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