Smart Phone Outlook Sync

smart phone outlook sync
Please help me choose the right smart phone?

I have a Sony Clie PDA that I would really, really like to replace with a cell phone. I’m looking for one that will sync with Microsoft Outlook and has a querty keyboard, and will (ideally) run other really cool Palm-type programs similar to Documents to Go, Palm games, etc. I don’t want or need the GPS function, and I don’t necessarily want to use it to surf the web or watch tv. Mostly I guess I want something that is like a little pc/phone combo for organization plus a little doctor’s office/staff meeting/waiting room entertainment. I don’t IM but I do like to text.

I don’t have a small fortune to spend, but I’d love some advice as to what I make or model that I ought to be looking for.

Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the two suggestions, but I really would like to have details / reasons for the suggestions that are offered. A simple brand-blurt doesn’t really help.

Palm centro

Import and Sync Contacts To T-Mobile G1

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