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Smart Phone Plans canada
Me and my girlfriends long distance relationship…… PLZ help we depend on it!?

Ok. So me and my girlfriend have been dating a little over 3 months. It’s going great. The problem is is that I live in Canada and she lives in the States…….We talk alot by txting and by phone. The phone plans here suck. So everytime I phone her I have to use a card with minutes. I don’t mind using it. But what I am concerned about is does it affect her? Since I am usingthe card We don’t pay any extra. What I want to know is does she have to pay extra because she live in the states? Does this mean that she still pays the long distance phone charge or does she pay the normal amount for Local calls? I know that must be confusing but I’m pretty sure that you people are smart enough to figure it out………

I need all the help I can get. Thanks everyone.



On a land line phone it doesn’t make any difference on her end where the call originates. She would only have charges if it was a collect call and she accepted charges.



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