Smart Phone Qwerty

smart phone qwerty
Cheapp replacement verizon cell phone with a Qwerty Keyboard?

I recently lost my phone and I don’t have insurance. I use teh phone to talk and text only. That is all I use it for. I need a replacement, but I don’t want to extend my contract for another 2 years or pay the full retail price for a smart phone whose features I won’t use.

Does anybody know of a cheap verizon compatible cell phone that has a qwerty keyboard? I don’t care if it has a camera or anything else, just phone and keyboard. Does it exist? Where can I find it?

Yeah I definately know the answer to this one…The only thing is maybe you’d have to start a new contract or renew but the phones are free shipping and they are the cheapest you’d fine. I mean its up to you but the web site is…

The Right Tool for the Right Job – Seven users, seven smartphones
Spanning all platforms and all usage types, at the start of 2010 I compiled recommendations for seven types of smartphone user (i.e. for seven use cases) for The Phones Show, in video form.

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