Smart Phone Rankings 2009

smart phone rankings 2009

HTC fastest in July to enter the mainland or to the operation of dual-branded smart phone magnates in China

HTC fastest in July to enter the mainland or to the operation of dual-branded smart phone magnates in China

May 24 news sources revealed to ZDNet, “If all goes well, the earliest on July 16, Acer Aspire 3000 Battery HTC (HTC) will formally enter the mainland market to take over the Dopod and channels in the domestic market, taking over after the HTC and is likely to double brand Dopod operation, HTC more into the retail channel, Dopod operator specializing in custom. “

This means that HTC will be formally Huijun mainland market, the domestic smart phone market, with Nokia and Motorola are the direct exchange of fire.

Headquartered in China Taiwan’s HTC is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of smart phones, the main production using Microsoft Window Mobile and Google Android smart phone system. IDC report released in February this year showed that the year 2009, HTC to 8.1 million of sales-leading Motorola and Samsung, followed by Nokia, RIM and Apple in the global smartphone vendor in the fourth.

HTC smart phone is only in recent years, production of the global brand awareness is also rising.

U.S. wireless communications and professional media Fierce Wireless announced in November last year, the nation’s most influential list of 25 mobile communications leader, first appearance of HTC CEO Peter Chou on the sixth, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was ranked second.

Join forces with Google to create the Nexus One once attracted the attention of fans around the world cell phone craze. In February of this year, HTC launched last year, Hero also won the GSM Association of mobile phone awarded “Best Mobile Awards 2009.”

Although the gains in overseas markets quite frequently, but HTC partners in Compaq Presario R3000 Battery the domestic market performance Dopod did not achieve the same breakthrough. Dopod mobile phone unit is also easily make four or five thousand dollars, the average consumer more like HTC turned to cheaper parallel imports market.

Early May, the network rumored HTC Chinese companies have completed registration, Dopod Dopod brand has been suspended inside the market promotion, started to enter the mainland to make way for the HTC.

Blau, then the HTC and Dopod confirmation, both sides said they would not respond to any rumors. HTC and Dopod common, said: “Whether the marketing strategy and product innovation, the Dopod and HTC has always been a close strategic partnership. HTC’s innovative R & D to provide good products of their ability, in technology, product research and development together to help Dopod consumers in line with China’s smart phone market trend products, and again to deepen bilateral cooperation. “

Denied the rumors behind, and shows that HTC is still fixed on the domestic growth of 3G smart phone market.

ISupply market research agency in February this year, figures released show that China’s 3G mobile phone sales in 2009 only 7.2 million, but shot high in the three major cell phone carriers subsidize the policy stimulus, by 2010 China 3G mobile phone market is expected to increase over last year five times, surged to 42.97 million. Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Industry and the Ministry in April 8, also said in 2011, the domestic 3G network will cover all the country above the prefectural level cities and most counties, towns, major highways and scenic areas, etc., 3G subscribers will reach 150 million.

However, the current market the majority of sales are still non-3G mobile smart phones. Motorola Co-CEO and mobile devices division CEO Sanjay @ Jia (Sanjay Jha) Jan. 10 interview in Beijing, says that mobile phone shipments in the domestic market only about 15% of smart phones, and in the United States, the proportion of 40-50%.

“Indeed, the domestic market last year, mobile phone sales exceed 200 million, among which the majority are non-smart phones. Operators also hope that through the promotion of ‘thousand 3G phone’ to pull the entire market, this being the proportion of non-smart phones not small. However, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang provinces and cities of these economic development, 3G Smart Phone Sales are not low, accounting for 25% of all mobile phone sales. “Dopod COO Xu Weide said on ZDNet.

“China smart phone market is still growing rapidly, and third party data showed the domestic 3G smartphone in 2010 the market size will more than 6 million. In addition to the models already on sale to the end of the year, Dopod will launch another four in the country TD models smart phones and dual-mode smart phones a CDMA2000. “

Recently, Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) DLP ® Products Division at the Optical Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery and Electrical Engineering from the U.S. International Association (SPIE) Optical host of the American West Exhibition (Photonics West) announced the launch of DLP ® LightCommander ™. As a development kit, DLP LightCommander to provide users with a high ease of use versatile tool for the DLP technology into light processing applications. The new DLP ® development kit to meet the desire of many experiments using DLP technology, the needs of developers, and DLP LightCommander features include an optical engine, which is in line with industry standard interfaces and application software. The versatility of its modular architecture will help speed up the need for high-speed spatial light modulator, optical, electrical and system software.

DLP LightCommander to users quickly out of the box experience. In addition, it allows users up and running within minutes of its prototype product, the original of this process takes several hours.

Texas Instruments DLP ® Business Director Asia, Mr Wong said: “DLP LightCommander introduction is necessary for developers to improve tools has taken a crucial step. It can shorten the development application of DLP technology research and development staff time required, so that they can be involved in a wide range of non-traditional markets and bring innovative optical processing applications. Currently, developers are most concerned about is the tool for ease of use and flexibility. This package integration of these two features which enable those who wish to quickly enable The development of product development and those who wish to more easily control the digital micromirror device (DMD) research and development personnel from access to accurate, high-speed spatial light modulator. “

DLP LightCommander by the LOGIC designs, manufactures and provides technical support. In addition, DLP partners in the design also uses DLP LightCommander ViALUX platform foundation for 3D scanning applications, this proves DLP in non-contact 3D measurement with amazing value. VISITECH designed DLP LightCommander used in the multi-optical modules.

With the switching speed, gradation and processing visual, UV and NIR light advantages, DLP technology makes optical three-dimensional measurement solutions much faster than traditional contact measurement system, and also offers a higher measurement accuracy sex. DLP LightCommander enables developers to quickly and easy to use platform to apply these advantages.

Geomagic CEO Ping Fu said: “2010 is the mainstream 3D display technology a year. Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery DLP LightCommander the emergence of the market excited, it promoted industrial, consumer and medical markets in the individual product and service design and manufacturing, improved homeland security and food safety rapid detection and to enrich the art and history to create and protect. “

It is understood, Galaxy S will work with Nokia and Motorola smart phones and Apple’s iPhone competition. JK Shin in charge of Samsung said the product will be available worldwide later this year.

Said JK Shin, Galaxy S will use a high-end, called Super AMOLED display technology, which can increase the brightness of 20%, reflecting the sunlight in the outdoors can reduce 80%. Samsung said, because with this technology, making Galaxy S is ideal for watching video.

He also said that Samsung will work with some of the top media companies to provide users with a complete duration of the film, television programs and books, the content can get through the download form. Its partners include Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, as well as electronic publishing service provider Skiff, whose partners include “The New York Times” and “Esquire” and many other media.

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