Smart Phone Recommendations

smart phone recommendations
What kind of cell phone should I get? So many to choose from…..???

Looking for something with good call quality, good camera (at least 2 mp, 4x zoom), possibly an mp3 player…

Looking at KRZR, Samsung SYNC, LG TRAX…

Any ideas or other recommendations… my husband just bought a TILT, but I don’t want a “smart phone”, just something more basic with good quality and battery life and a good camera.


To be honest, it’s not really a good idea to spend too much on a cellphone, as the circuitry is designed to fail in two years. Try to find a phone that is free with your contract and pick the one with the best features out of that list — you’ll be glad in two years time when nothing works on it anymore…..

Phone facts & fancies
When it comes to choosing a cell phone and a carrier, the combination of choices can be confusing.

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