Smart Phone Softwares

smart phone softwares
Which mobile phone is now the best phone to play music and video files that we play in our computer?

Is there any mobile phone which supports softwares that run in windowsOS.If there is any ,then we could be freely running video and audio files of any format(extension)in that device.What about the Microsoft windows mobile?have anyone used it?Does it give support for running all windows softwares?I use nokia6630(series 60 platform,symbian OS),I installed smartMovie to watch video files in it.But the smart movie converter software cannot convert all type of video files.
SO i cannot watch those files in my mobile.and again I have a software in my pc,but i cannot run it in my mobile though it has a 250MHz microprocessor…Now what’s the best solution?

You need a 3G phone to stream videos. Your current phone can download, then play. No need for windowsOS.

use your current phone to try this site

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