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smart phone statistics

Defeating Crime With Digital Camera Cell Phones

The Digital Picture Camera 3G Cell Phone is reshaping the way people interact. As they become more and more popular, especially among teenagers, and higher bandwidth and video compression technologies are introduced, we will see a whole new realm of communication.

As more people communicate on cell phones with video and pictures we could very well see a decrease in crime. Criminals will realize they may be caught on phone if they attempt any criminal activities because of the prevalence of these camera phones. The eyes and ears of society will expand in scope and with that we may likely see random acts of theft, violence, and other crimes decrease.

Of course there will always be the smart criminal who tries to figure out in advance a specific plan to evade detection, but the common criminal element we generally see will increasingly be caught on camera and brought to justice. As more and more criminals are convicted in this manner, it will serve as a deterrent to others as they consider the very real possibility that they too may be caught on camera. This will eventually help to restore order and improve crime statistics.

Mobile phones that integrate digital cameras are sold much more often than stand alone digital cameras. Those areas where people have more cash to spend and are more tech savvy, such as the suburbs of large cities or in the Downtown techno sector, should see lessened crime, as there would be a high percentage of people carrying these phones. However, this could cause a “Criminal Divide” to develop in areas where less techno savvy people reside.

But this could easily change as the price of the technology and cell phones comes down due to economies of scale, numbers of units sold and number of participants on the 3G or 3G plus systems. Many times new technologies have disruptive effects in our economy or society at large. In this case the technology’s unintended consequences may be a more virtuous society and decreased crime, which is a good thing.

If you plan on buying a new phone, getting one with a camera in it is smart. Smart Phones can decrease crime. For more ideas on decreasing crime why not contact your local police department’s community based policing officer or volunteer to start a Neighborhood “Mobile” Watch Program.

Who knows, a teenager on a skateboard may actually get a picture of an International Terrorist taking pictures of important infrastructures, or the license plate of a car, which seems to be out of place, and prevent the next attack. Technology has its advantages, but all too often we discuss the problems and complain about the issues of privacy. Millions of teenagers cruising around with cell phones could prevent abductions from pedophiles, rapists or child molesters. Camera cell phones may prevent shopping mall car thefts as more of the perpetrators get caught.

Camera Cell phones are here to stay and they are getting better all the time. Soon we will have full video feed phones, and wireless PDA’s all with GPS instant coordinate tracking. One call brings it all to the authorities: Video, location, time and your basic: “Who, What, When, Where and How”. It’s growing and it is growing fast. The rule of Law will prevail and crime not only doesn’t pay, it cannot last.

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