Smart Phone Touch Screen

smart phone touch screen
Any touch screen phones that isn’t a smart phone?

I really want a touch screen phone but not the amount of money each bill cost for having a smart phone. Is there any touch screen (or any phone you would recommend) that is NOT a smart phone. I have Verizon Wireless.


I’m hoping to get the LG env touch for Christmas. The Samsung rogue looks good too but you are required to buy a data plan which I dont want. I like the env touch because it has a good touch screen on front with a qwerty keyboard when you flip it open, not to mention a 3.2 megapixel camera and the latest technology. The rogue has a 3.0 megapixel camera and it has a slide out qwerty keyboard. They are both great phones and itsreally your choice with which one to get. There is also the LG versa but I wouldn’t reccomend it because it doesnt have an actual keyboard and I like to have that. Good Luck!

An Unbreakable Touch Screen for Your Phone
Graphene film, which is made from carbon atoms, are almost completely transparent, are highly conductive and more durable than materials currently used for screens.

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