Smart Phone Unlimited Plan

smart phone unlimited plan
If I switch to a smart phone, is AT&T going to automatically add the $30 plan?

OK, so I bought a Samsung Blackjack II off of eBay. Right now I have a Samsung Eternity, and I had the Family Data Unlimited plan on my line. I called and cancelled it and mentioned (stupid stupid me) that I might be switching phones. They told me that you can’t have a smartphone now without adding the $30 smartphone data plan. So I’m wondering that when I do switch, are they automatically going to add that plan? I don’t want a surprise bill since my dad pays it!

Thanks in advance 😉

No, they won’t automatically add the $30 fee, they’ll cancel your line and I believe they might even charge you for it. It doesn’t matter that you told them you might be switching phones; AT&T goes through monthly and looks for people who have smartphones but no data plans and cancels their lines, even if they are not using the data features. It sucks, I know, but that’s just how it is anymore. No concern about customer service, only the bottom line.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


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