Smart Phone Usage

smart phone usage
How old do you think my daughter should be to get…?

a. a cell phone
b. her own tv (in her room)
c. her own computer (also out of my sight)
According to my 11 year old, we are the only parents in the world who supervise tv, computer usage, and are not considering a cell phone for her at the moment. She is smart and well behaved. What’s your philosophy?

My daughter is 11, she has a TV in her room (with a parental block on all inappropriate channels), no computer, though. Our solution to the cell phone issue was to get her a prepaid cell phone that you have to purchase minutes for, and she has to do her chores to earn minutes. It has worked wonders for making her keep her room clean and get her chores done.

AT&T Wants To Limit iPhone Usage – Diggnation Daily

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