Smart Phone Verizon

smart phone verizon
What verizon phones with wifi but not smart phone(no data plan) will be released christmas 2009?

I like a lot of Verizon’s phones but then i come to find out they are a smart phone which means having to pay for a monthly data plan and i just don’t want to do that…but id enjoy having wifi…is there even a phone or is there going to be one?

May want to look elsewhere for Wi-Fi enabled handsets. Mobile phone providers promote the use of their data plans extending all over the globe giving the best possible coverage. Not that many phones have Wi-Fi due to the reason of marketing.

Data plans start at 14.99-29.99 for unlimited use. It will give you peace of mind that there will be no over use charges and you will get internet where ever you may be.

Its a minor charge but its very convenient.

Verizon XV6900 HTC Touch screen Smartphone Demo

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