Smart Phone Vs Cell Phone

smart phone vs cell phone
What is the meaning of a "Smart Phone" in comparison to a 3G phone if you only use for the interview?

Ok, I'm not quite so hi-tech and I am confused about the advantages of a "Smart Phone" in comparison to a normal phone with 3G Internet, Bluetooth, etc. when I really only about it for (some speak SMS), and perhaps random surfing the Internet here and there (not "work related browsing, googling just random '' around). The only other feature I use on my mobile phone is the Bluetooth-hook that up to my car (my car is factory fitted Bluetooth, for while talking about the ride is illegal here in California). If my phone has a QWERTY keyboard, 3G Internet, and hook up to my car's Blue Tooth, is it a point to have someone like me a "smart phone"?

You are correct. You do not need a smartphone.

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