Smart Phone Vs Iphone

smart phone vs iphone
Pros and cons- AT&T vs. Verizon?

I’m currently an AT&T customer. I would like to purchase a smart phone (unsure of which brand, type or provider yet). My AT&T contract expires in a few months, and I’m considering switching to Verizon because I’ve heard from many people that AT&T’s 3G network doesn’t work very well because there is so much traffic on it. However, I have an old ipod that I use all the time, so I would really like to upgrade to an iphone. I also hear that Verizon costs more (on average, month to month).

Has anyone ever swtiched from Verizon to AT&T or back? Any tips? Thanks!

It all depends on where you reside and where you like to travel to, if your area has good 3G coverage from AT&T then I would stick with AT&T and go with the iPhone (best Smartphone out there) if your coverage is only Edge and Verizon’s is 3G then I would go with Verizon and look at the HTC Droid Eris or the Palm Pre Plus. When your in good coverage both services are about the same,AT&T sometimes will be a little faster sometimes it’s not.

AT&T Maps

Verizon Maps

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