Smart Phone Walmart

smart phone walmart
How to convince my parents to give me a new phone?

I have this Nokia AT&T phone, which is a no contract phone. Problem is, it’s a piece of trash. No camera, custom ringtones, wallpapers, nothing! All the kids at my school have smart phones, touch screens in all, and I have to and embarrassingly say this, but I don’t want to be near that phone at school!! I’m not asking for the most top of the line phone or anything, but one “from this century.” Everytime I ask or show her a phone at Walmart, she always says I still have that crap-tap phone I already have. “No mother, I’m not blind I KNOW I HAVE THAT DAMN PHONE!!” is what I say in my head. I get good grades and all on my report cards.

ask her what is it that she wants you to do in order to get a new phone, try to bargain with her… talk it out .. and please don’t mess with your phone like dropping in the water & blah.. what if you don’t get a new one? then you’ll be left with nothing.

My new Smart Phone from WalMart

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