Smart Phone Wifi Hotspot

Smart Phone Wifi hotspot
Is it possible to convert to 3G Regular Bank to create without WiFi?

I pay for the regular data plan for 3G mobile phone. I will, and create a WiFi hotspot (device only need one at the same time). Sprint (my carrier) has to act as a portable WiFi router MiFi but it is for $ 60 / month. Another option is to buy smart phone (with Windows Mobile 5 or 6), but also cost $ 60 per month. I look forward to my network connect to the touch 2nd Generation of 3G via WiFi – $ 60 is overpriced Any suggestions?

There are a few ways you can do this, but the connection an external device to WiFi, it is not worth it. A 3G iPhone is $ 200, and the plan is any deal, plus $ 30 per month for unlimited data. This means unlimited in Internet surfing. If you want to stay with Sprint, I would suggest switching to AT & T. Sprint is OK for mobile phones, but no wireless broadband system for WiFi costs money.

Android 2.2 OS Froyo – USB tethering and WiFi hotspot demo

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