Smart Phone Wifi Only

Smart Phone Wifi only
Looking for a Strong PDA/Smartphone?

I broke my HTC Touch Pro 2 last month it was only 4 months old, before that i had an Iphone 3G it died in 6 months, and before that one i had the Nokia N97 It died in 6 months. I spend over 1500 euro’s (2200$) on phones in 1 year.

At the end of this month i will be buying a new one so i’m looking for a VERY strong pda/smart phone or just a mobile phone. It has to be one with many features also with a good 3G/WiFi/Email/Browser. My Budget is around 900$.

It has to have atleast 3G and WiFi because i have a contract with unlimited 3G that lasts 2 years so i need to use it. Any suggestions? It has to be a STRONG one.

PS: Don’t think i let my phone fall all the times i just use it 6 days a week, it’s in my pocket i put it on the table i text , browse surf the internet i just use my phone alot and it’s almost with me 24/7 so i think that’s why they break so easily.


samsung omnia awesome phone, windows 6.1 professional based

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