Smart Phones Ces 2010

smart phones ces 2010

Get Android and more with Motorola Backflip

Pushing innovation in the reality can often take years to develop the research and sufficient time to but there are some pretty innovative features that connect to some ingenuity and a new perspective. Therefore, the Motorola Backflip such a great phone. Apart from the fact that it packs some serious hardware specifications, the Google Android operating system and MOTOBLUR networking service, the phone also flips in a stylish way by using it as a handsfree Media Player, desk clock and more open.

The table mode (as the producer would call it) enables users to easy to see the 3.1 inch display on a very comfortable viewing angle. The touch screen allows easy navigation and phone use in any mode. You can lay it on the desk and surf the Internet without the apparatus in your hands all day.

Google's Android operating system System

add plenty of Android operating system functionality in order for the smartphone thanks to the many built-in functions and its strong support Applications. As many know, apps add new user-defined functions to mobile phones. With the Android so easy for developers to make applications for, you can many of the applications would be to turn the phone on an Android device that has all the necessary functions.

Another great thing about Android is that to edit and optimize each setting on the device, Issues, Home, GPS, and all others meet in your cell phone personalization everything to your needs. The Backflip comes pre-installed with Google Android 1.5 installed Cupcake. While not the latest version, the device can download a patch and update to version 2.0.

Enjoy Online with Motorola's MOTOBLUR

One of the biggest innovations to the mobile phone technology is the ability to go online and with friends and family through social networks. The MOTOBLUR service brings this new convenience a step further and combines everything you need online in a single application. A single MOTOBLUR account on your phone will connect and combine your contacts and friends lists, so that all messages, tweets and status updates in view of a single view.

A single inbox you all of your messages, emails and tweets with a single click. The entire application is completely customizable and can determine which to show elements, and where.

All of your data online and contact information is regularly backed up by the MOTOBLUR system online so that all your data and settings easily to a new phone. No complicated data disclosed, simply synchronize your next device, and you are ready to go.

Standing Out at CES

Not only the Motorola backflip out stand on its own in the tabletop mode, the device was also among their peers in the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in early January in Las Vegas. The phone was recognized and was awarded CNET Best of CES 2010th The phone is MOTOBLUR, backtrack navigation pad and innovative Backflip Form gave the unit top grades in nine different categories.

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