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smart phones compare
smart phones compare
Verizon Question: Windows Mobile smart phone vs LG Voyager / Dare?

Which one would you go with and why? My old phone broke and I buy a new and was wondering if the Windows Mobile OS is pretty cool, or should I go with the Voyager or Dare only? I've always liked LG phones with Verizon is why I ask. Should I go to a leap of faith with this Windows Smartphones? If not, I should dare or with the Voyager? Who can compare to what you can and not each with? Pros / cons, perhaps? Neither come cheap.

Stay away from Windows Mobile. Everyone knows I used to hate it. It's unstable, crashes from, and to get hard to do simple tasks. Everyone had to play with Windows Mobile, which is on my BlackBerry. The Voyager is a good phone, but there is to do not so much as a true "smart phone" is.

BlackBerry joins the audience with new Smart Phone and software overhaul its new smartphone, called the BlackBerry With Torch, Research In Motion joins the rank of other Phones by offering a fully featured web browser, an integrated market and social apps App.

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