Smart Phones In Education

smart phones in education
smart phones in education
Mind games again? Seeking serious/smart and genuine advice.?

We exchanged profiles and decided to talk on phone after the first two emails. I talked to him twice on phone for two consecutive weeks. He sounded nice but seemed he is taking things slow. The last time he said we’ll meet by the end of the next month since he is in the West Coast and disappeared. No emails, no phones, no sms for two weeks and he is still on the online dating website. I thought he was playing mind games and decided to move on.

Yesterday he sent an IM saying hi..but I didn’t respond. I am a bit tempted since he is a nice guy with good education and a great job. What say?

t’s been a month now that since we intially started talking and I have a feeling that he is treating me like the”just in case” types.- I must have sounded desperate cauz last time while ended the conversation I said do call me whenever you want. Any advices?

Trust your instincts. Sounds like he’s not really all that interested in you. But he still wants to keep you as a backup until he finds someone else.

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