Smart Phones On Boost Mobile

smart phones on boost mobile
smart phones on boost mobile
is the BlackBerry 8330 Boost Mobile worth?

Boost Mobile has finally come, with its own smart phone. I currently have a 8350i, which I have been trying To unlock with Boost (but still can not) and pay $ 50/month for unlimited talk, text and web. As I unlock it can not itself, I was gonna somebody to pay to do it, but now I saw that Boost Mobile is offering the 8330 for 60 USD. The only difference is that the 8330 does not have push to talk (which I do not use anyway.) Does anyone have this phone and it is a better choice than what I already have? Even when working with the BBM boost plan?

Yes BBM works with boost. I think it is somehow slow. And the applications are stored on the phone, and I do not know how they move on a Micro-SD card. There is supposedly an older software version that allows this, but I do not know what it is. I installed a few free apps like Facebook, xenozu is Bible, Pandora, and my memory is already "in the red. "Even when you download Facebook, it was cold, or just takes too long (which it often seems), and during the download, my memory went drastically without install it, and I had to do it again. The push e-mail option is indeed cool. I have not tried to go to the options and to choose not to compress files to make it faster, but someone said it might make it faster. Any other questions?

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